One part Eastwood,
One part Astaire.
Add a dash of Bogart.
Shake, strain and enjoy.


All the good ones have it. A little of both. Just enough rough and tumble to be masculine, just enough sophistication to remain classy. Think of this blog as one part Eastwood, one part Astaire, and a dash of Bogart. Shake, strain and enjoy.

Each morning I wake up and look at my floor. The foundation of the blog can be explained by what stares back at me - my worn in Red Wing Iron Ranger boots seated next to a perfectly polished pair of caramel brown medallion lace-ups. What's it going to be today? I represent Jekyll & Hyde when it comes to personal style and taste, juxtaposing the rugged with the refined.

I have found that most men's blogs trade personal experience for trends and brand updates. While I admire and extract inspiration from these blogs, I could never compete with their breaking news, stylistic insight and insider knowledge. Rather, I like to use stories to relay my thoughts on the subject. By combining experience with opinion, I aim to present mostly pieces with personality rather than endorsement.

Additionally, I don't believe style and money are inextricably linked; you can live like a gentleman at any price point. While many lifestyle blogs will highlight only the most fashionable and expensive labels, my admirations are driven by design, not by cost or branding. This blog chronicles the research, purchases, tastes, desires, thoughts, opinions, experiences and observations in my on-going pursuit of exploring what it means to be a modern gentleman.