One part Eastwood,
One part Astaire.
Add a dash of Bogart.
Shake, strain and enjoy.

Bar Menu

Much like my writing process for this blog, digesting these cultivated thoughts is often best enjoyed with a well made cocktail. For your convenience, allow me to present a few of my favorite recipes to try as you settle in for a swig of R/R reading. Pick your poison:

The Old Fashioned... The Granddaddy of Drinks:

1/2 sugar cube or 1/4 oz of simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 swath of orange peel
2.5 oz Rye or Bourbon (I like Canadian Club)
Orange slice for garnish

Build in tumbler or old-fashioned glass. Place the sugar cube (or simple syrup) at the bottom. Add bitters and swath of orange peel. Muddle to release oils from orange peel and blend with sugar and bitters. Then add whiskey, stir to blend and then add large ice cubes. Stir again to dilute slightly and top off with additional cubes. Garnish with an orange slice.

Tools needed: bar knife, muddler, jiggers, bar spoon

Applejack Old Fashioned... A flavorful twist on an old favorite:

1/2 oz maple simple syrup* (leave the Aunt Jemima for the pancakes)
1 1/2 oz Rye
1 1/2 oz Applejack
2 dashes Bitters
Garnish with lemon rhine

Add maple simple syrup to bottom of mixing glass. Add 2 dashes of bitters and equal parts rye (or bourbon**) and applejack. Add large ice cubes. Stir well, strain into tumbler and garnish with lemon rhine.

*Maple Simple Syrup can be easily made be bringing equal parts real maple syrup and water to a boil. I like to add a bit of honey to mine as well. Let cool and refrigerate between uses.

**Bourbon tends to be a slightly sweeter whiskey, which is why I like Rye to balance the syrup and Applejack. Adjust Rye/Applejack proportion to taste.

Tools needed: bar spoon, jiggers, citrus twister

Manhattan... As iconic and timeless as the place it's named after:

2 1/4 oz bourbon or rye
3/4 oz sweet vermouth*
2 dashes of Agnostura bitters
Brandied* or Maraschino cherry

Add 2 dashes of bitters to a mixing glass. Pour in rye or bourbon and vermouth and fill with large ice cubes. Stir well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a brandied or Marashino cherry.

*Brandied cherry recipe from The Art of the Bar can be found over at Sloshed!

*a helpful tip I learned from Death & Co. in New York is that vermouth is actually a fortified wine and should be refrigerated.

The Negroni... Classic Italian refreshment:

1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz Campari
1 oz Gin
Garnish with swath of orange peel

Add sweet vermouth, Campari and gin to a large mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir for 40 revolutions. Strain into an old fashioned glass and twist orange peel over drink to coat with natural oils. Rub peel around edge of glass and drop peel into drink.

Tools needed: bar spoon, Y peeler

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